The Parts of Philosphy

According to Seneca, Stoicism can be divided up in the following way:

Philosophy is composed of three parts 1. Moral 2. Natural 3. Rational Moral philosophy keeps the soul in order, natural investigates the universe, rational keeps falsehood from creeping in and displacing truth.

Moral Philosophy (Ethics) is divided into three parts:

  1. The speculative part which weighs the worth of each thing according to its utility.

  2. Impulse, after weighing the worth of something you then create an ordered impulse

  3. Actions, you make your impulse and your actions harmonize so that all three conditions are in harmony.

The natural side of philosophy (Physics) is divided into two parts:

  1. Bodily

  2. Creative

  3. Created

  4. Elements/Matter

  5. Cause (which moves all things and the elements)

  6. Non-bodily (Metaphysics?)

Rational Philosophy (Logic) is divided into:

  1. Rhetoric

  2. Continuous speech

  3. Dialectic

  4. Speech between questioner and answerer

  5. Words

  6. Meaning of words

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