Seneca’s Moral Letters to Lucilius #1: On Saving Time

Last year I worked my way through the Moral Letters to Lucilius (AKA Letters from a Stoic) I highly recommend you check it out too. I began to post summaries of my readings on my old blog. now that I've moved to this site, I thought I would begin again.

In my summaries I may quote directly or paraphrase, so far I’ve very much enjoyed the readings. I am trying to read the book over a year long period.

Letter 1: On Saving Time

Summary: Time is a precious commodity that is often stolen from us, but we also tend to let it slip away. We could fit a lot more life into our lifetime by being mindful of this and not letting it rush by unnoticed. We give a little of our life over to death each day, death already owns all of our past so take advantage of what is left. We allow cheap things, TV, social media, etc. to steal our precious time away. If you are going to waste time, at least be able to account for it, know how and why it was wasted. Don’t to try to save time at the end of life “it is too late to spare when you’ve reached the dregs of the cask”.

Reflection: This is a good reason to implement daily mindfulness and to live an active life. An active life spent doing (I include studying in this category but not most passive forms of entertainment) beneficial hobbies, thoughtful conversation, charity etc. This active life is the opposite of a passive one where we let society or autopilot dictate what we think and do…

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