Moral Letters #2: On the Discursiveness of Reading

Summary: It is best to study a few great thinkers and ponder their words than to continuously read new works and clutter your mind with ideas while not acting on any of them. Work on having intimate relationships with these great minds “A man who travels makes many acquaintances but no friends”. Only possess the books which you can read rather than worrying about trying to read all the books you possess. Reread you old authors when you need a change. *To have little but to be content is not poverty, to have a lot but want more is poverty… *=paraphrase.

Reflection: I think this may be true when dealing with a life philosophy but also has a lot of meaning when applied to other facets of life outside of reading. Dining, hobbies, and travel for example. It will be easier to be happy If you are easily satiated and get to know things in depth rather than have a mile-wide and an inch deep knowledge of many things. Work on being content with what you’ve done, with what you have rather than thinking that happiness rests in some future accomplishment. Currently trying to keep up with a podcast, a job, being a husband and a dad means somethings (such as this blog) will be put on the backburner, and that's ok!

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