Writing Your Own Obituary

One good way to put your life into perspective is to write your own obituary. I was inspired by a blog post and an article to write my own obituary and compare it to what it would ideally say if I lived the life I hope to lead. So this week I encourage everyone to write their own obituary. Below is the obituary I hope will be written about me when I die.

Steven (Steve) Karafit died in his home on August 15th surrounded by family and friends. He was 75.

Steve was the son of Jim and Brenda Karafit. He graduated from Celina Sr. High school in 1998. He received an associates degree in Recreation and Wildlife from Hocking college in 2000, a BS in Field Biology from Ohio University in 2004 and a MS in Systematics and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Alberta in 2008. He married his wife Chrissy in 2011. Their son Charles was born in 2016. Steve taught for the Biology department at University of Central Arkansas and retired in 2043. He spent his remaining 12 years playing his guitar, gardening and traveling with his wife, playing with his grandchildren, hiking and woodworking.

Mr. Karafit was an innovative teacher who loved the field of biology. He encouraged them not only to be knowledgeable and passionate biologists but to be good people. He cared about his students and was proud of the people they went on to be after leaving his classroom.

Steve was also active in his community. He worked to ensure science education in the public schools was as good as it could be. Always a teacher he also volunteered at the Boys and Girls Club, always displaying a passion for the natural world through hikes, and silly songs that he shared with the children.

Mr. Karafit donated his body to science. A memorial service will take place on Sept 1. on Petit Jean Mountain. All are welcome to attend and are encouraged to say a few words at the ceremony. As per his wishes mourners will join hands and sing Monty Python's "Always look on the bright side of life" in his memory. In lieu of flowers Mr. Karafit's family asks you to plant a tree or donate to a local charity.

Reflection: How much of the above obituary is in my power?

My actions: I should actually get off my butt and out of my head and engage with those around me more , and work with local charities, thinking about it will accomplish nothing

If I actually want there to be mourners at my funeral I need to be more social. I need to do a better job of staying in touch with the friends that I have.

I need to not stress out about work and pay attention to the things I care about. Notice I didn't write anything about major awards, or money above. There is no mention of iPhones, or even the internet above. Just people . People are what matters! I need to invest in my relationships, let myself be happy and be mindful of the one life that I have to live!!!

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