Letters from a Stoic (Moral Letters to Lucilius) #6 On Sharing Knowledge

Letter 6: On Sharing Knowledge

Moral Letters to Lucilus


Summary: One of the first benefits of practicing this philosophy is being able to notice faults in oneself.

Friendship becomes very strong between individuals with similar worldviews and shared problems. Having wisdom is useless unless you are willing to share (teach). “No good thing is pleasant to possess, without friends to share it”.

Reading about a philosophy is not as powerful as hearing it preached. Even this is not as powerful as witnessing it being practiced in the lives of a friend.

Start by first becoming a friend to yourself as such a person can never be alone, and this person will also be a friend to all mankind.-Hecato

Reflection I’m glad to see the stoics placing such a value on friendship as well as on sharing of information. I think it is true that the best way to turn people toward a life philosophy is probably not to tell them about it ad naseum but to let them see your example while living it. Don’t hide your lamp under the bushel basket! And do as Epictetus also says, don't go around bragging about your philosophy. Live it!

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