A Sunday Stoic Credo

I have been reading a lot of articles on the Spiritual Naturalist Association's website. One article by Jay Forrest really stood out to me. In the article Jay updates a credo first postulated by Michel Dowd. This credo involves the use of your hand to remember 5 important concepts. You may whish to adopt it to fit your own life philosophy. Here I updated it once again for my own purposes. By reciting this each day it helps to keep me grounded and literally keep my principles "at hand".

  1. Hold up your index finger and say "Nature is my source"

  2. Hold up your middle finger and say "Evolution is my history"

  3. Hold up your ring finger and say "Evidence is my authority"

  4. Hold up your pinky finger and say "Eudaimonia is my quest"

  5. Hold out your thumb then make a fist and say "Working for a wiser, better world is my mission".

Nature is my source. This reminds me that nature is my ultimate. I am a part of it and subject to its laws. I am also a part of the interdependent web of life, and the molecules that make my body arose from the stars!

Evolution is my history. I am related to every other human being on this planet. Not only that but I am related to every lifeform on this planet!

Evidence is my authority. It is important not to assent to incorrect impressions. It is better to have no opinion than to spread have true rumors and to believe in incorrect assumptions.

Eudaimonia is my quest. My internal quest is to flourish by the practice of virtue and self improvement.

Working for a wiser, better world is my mission. Only by putting my philosophy into action does it really mean anything. We are here to work with each other!

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