Being a better Stoic

I have been using various Stoic techniques for about 3 years now. But I would not yet call myself a Stoic. I have failed too many times, I’ve been to soft, too easy on myself. Nonetheless, the tools offered by this philosophy are quite helpful. I am trying to go deeper, to live this philosophy each day.

For me, the keystone habit that I must develop is self-control. Without this skill, nothing else will stick. In the book ”Get out of your head and into your life” , Steven Hayes discusses the importance of building self-control. Many religions have the built in... weekly church attendance, fasting, daily prayer etc. Those of us in the more secular world have the advice of philosophy. It is important to give yourself small, temporary challenges to build your willpower. Maybe get up by 5 AM everyday for a month, or journal everyday for a year. When you fail, don’t beat yourself up, instead simply resume the habit. Make your failures rarer and rarer until you close the failure gap.

I am starting here and starting small. I will journal each day for 1 year. I will rise by 6 every day of the week for 2 months. I may eventually work other habits in as well. After this I am going to work more on my family duties, and fortitude.

By starting small, but by focusing on what I know to be a weak spot of my character, I hope to make real progress.

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